For people with with visual impairments , you can scale all pages on the site to suit your requirements. All text on pages is scaleable, including all menu items. Photos have 'alt text' tags which describe the picture. The main logo doesn't contain any information not provided elsewhere. The only photos without 'alt text' tags are pictures of the people in the Contacts section - these are photographs of the person concerned.

For deaf people and people with hearing impairments, the content on this site is not available in british sign language video as it is beyond our resources and impractical given its dynamic content, however in order to preserve the accessibility of the site we use the following rules:

* If we include audio clips we will also provide a text version of the soundtrack.
* If we include movie clips or video streaming we will also provide time-indexed subtitles.

This site may be accessed using any voice-controlled computer and web browser. One of the more popular screen readers is Jaws.

The main menu is structured in the same way on all pages . Section or page navigation is always included in the panel to the left.

There are no animated graphics or flashing text on this site.

All text is specified in percentage terms, meaning that its size can be increased inside the browser window for easier viewing. The ability to support text scaling varies from browser to browser, but given below are some guidelines for the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera.

In Internet Explorer, select the View | Text Size menu command. You can then choose from a range of text sizes (Largest, Larger, Medium (default), Smaller and Smallest). Note that Internet Explorer cannot resize images.

In Netscape Navigator, select the View | Text Zoom menu command. You then have a range of text sizes (in percentages) to choose from, or you can select your own percentage. You can also continually increase or decrease the current zoom factor by pressing the Ctrl and +, or Ctrl and - key combinations. Note that Navigator cannot resize images.

In Opera, select the View | Zoom menu command. You then have range of percentages to choose from. Opera scales everything on the page, not just text, so images will also increase in size as you increase the zoom factor.

Even the same browser product can behave differently on different platforms. For example, Internet Explorer on the Mac will scale images, whereas the Windows version cannot. Check with your supplier for details.