Training and Consultancy Services

IDEA Tree also offers a range of training and consultancy services, using our extensive experience of disability and management issues. The money we charge for services is used to subsidise our not-for-profit work.

Our training includes Disability Equality for a wide range of staff, to an in-depth 2-day course for senior staff on developing a strategic approach to implementing disability equality in meduim to large organisations.
Man's hands reading across a braille book

We have proven strategic management skills, extensive experience of the disabled people’s movement nationally and locally, and of the not-for-profit sectors (voluntary, charitable and social enterprise sectors).

Our Equality training aims to:

* share current information
* dispel the myths and assumptions around disability and disabled people
* examine the barriers that disabled people experience from a social model of disability
* help participants develop a practical understanding of disabling and empowering language, attitudes and behaviour surrounding disabled people.
* and to look at actions to tackle the barriers disabled people experience.

Our Strategic Management course will:

* look at the historical roots of the stereotypes of disabled people
* explore models of disability, including the social model
* share details of responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act
* examine the dynamics of language and disability issues
* support participants in developing techniques to build rapport with disabled people
* and work through a carefully planned approach to planning a disability equality strategy from problem-identification to options analysis and practical planning

Prices are available on request - for more information contact .